MC Kats Was Seeking CHEAP ATTENTION — Angry Fille Speaks Out

Posted: 2016-10-19T09:20:28Z
MC Kats Was Seeking CHEAP ATTENTION — Angry Fille Speaks Out

It's disturbing how Mc Kats and Fille ended up in a bitter fight that has been a talk on everyone's mouth lately wondering whether it's a stunt or something else .

What we can reveal is that it's true MC Kats got beaten up by a gang of Filles' friend and as usual we tried to reach her out and this was her response, following  her exit in the Fille fans chat room.

"I don't want to be added back to that group until he goes back to social media and cleans his mess...Every Important Person Left Because Of Making Everyone Look Foolish All In The Name Of Seeking Attention and Popularity...Let Nobody say Nothing About Fille...For Now Keep Your Opinion...I Don't want To be part Of that Madness...Em embarrassed Enough....He should Go plan His Other false Move! Not Disfunction my Brand" Said the annoyed Fille.

Kats and other group admins added her several times but she kept on exiting it,
"I will Post-Nothing on That Page! So it's his now since he has decided to make it his Drama Home...Anything That is posted on Fillemusic page and Insta is Kats...Not Me..." She added on during my private chat with her when I asked her why she exited.

Actually, all those apologetic statements seen on facebook are genuine as they seem its MC Kats controlling the singer's social media
"He Blocked me from accessing my social media platforms...He is using them To pull attention" she furthermore notified us