Celebrity Top 5: Andrew Kyamagero Reveals His 5 Hottest Jams

Posted: 2016-10-10T09:39:51Z Read: 3,008 times
Celebrity Top 5: Andrew Kyamagero Reveals His 5 Hottest Jams

Andrew Kyamagero is the hoarse male voice on Morning saga show that happens every morning from 6-10am at the Kansanga based Galaxy Fm. He co-hosts alongside Mariat and comedian Dicanio, away from the radio he is a father of one, news anchor on Urban television, motivational speaker, events Mc and a big lover of music.

He shared with us what he listens to latest;

Number 5 is FARMER by Sheeba and Ykee Benda.'gwe' that vibe is organic, Sheeba is a great supportive artist and I see talent for the young man on the other hand too.

Number 4 is Magic, you and I will agree she is the new vibe on the block rocking. Talking of  Magic, her lyrical content is by far so reaching and expressing her feeling for a true lady in love.

Number 3 is 'He go down' by Irene Ntale, Look Irene Ntale is known for being an acoustic soul kinda artist but in this one she is exploring new lanes and guess what... She nailed it.

Mwana gwe is my number 2,I love the delivery about this love story the synopsis and the delivery is by far the best I have heard from this folk King Saha.

I love Mavuunya by Ziza Bafana ,it stresses the society we live in on a daily how the betrayals and malice have shaped the new us.Bafana is my best artist at the moment.