Unlucky: Sorry ... Rema Didn't Get A Chance to Sleep with Trey Songz

Either Rema is an unlucky woman or Eddy Kenzo is a lucky guy ... because Trey didn't hit it.

Unlucky: Sorry ... Rema Didn't Get A Chance to Sleep with Trey Songz
Story by Businge Brian Franco \

At the outset, it all seemed like Rema was the lucky one amongst the four beautiful and talented ladies at coke studio but we all read the signs wrong.

Whereas it was clear that Nigeria's Yemi Alade kept things between her and Trey strictly proffesional, our own Rema and Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee were all over the guy like white on rice ... but would you blame them? I don't think so.

Rema and Trey Songz making funny faces. We really thought he was going to hit it.

Vanessa Mdee -- at least according to what she said -- has got a history with the American pop star and so it was easy for her to be a favorite.

According to reports from Kenya, Vanessa had sex with Trey and he wasn't shy to share about it as he later took to his Snapchat account and shared a photo of himself and the Tanzanian singer all cozied up in what looks like a bed. He shared the photo with the caption: "The best girls all reside in Africa and that's real".

New Friends: Vanessa Mdee and Rema Namakula bonded over their gig at Coke Studio

So, Rema wasn't so lucky after all. May be Kenzo is the lucky one.

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