Sipapa Ate Me Like Pop Corns, Broke My Virginity’ Serena Bata Cries

Posted: 2016-09-14T12:55:32Z Read: 19,512 times
Sipapa Ate Me Like Pop Corns, Broke My Virginity’ Serena Bata Cries

What goes Around...Comes Around, Justin Timberlake sang one day.

Well local singer Serena Batamuyinza alias Serena Bata, who has for long enjoyed lots of publicity and financial support in her music career from promoter Charles Olyem aka Sipapa in return for her goodies, is crying foul puffing amongst her friends telling them how the promoter feasted on her bean before dumped her like a hot potato.

Recently, Serena Bata was overheard telling friends how ‘Vampire Sipapa’ broke her virginity when she came to Kampala in 2013 so as to push her music. “I met him in 2013 and I wanted him to support my music talent which started. Did collabos with big artists however romance kicked in. I had never dated anyone.”

She adds; “He looked serious and finally I gave in. But still I don’t regret it; though he still does some stuff that annoys me,” Serena revealed.

Meanwhile, the snitch further revealed to us that after Sipapa realized Bata was juicy and still a virgin, he bought her a house in Namugongo –Kyaliwajjala, bank rolled her music and gave her some of his posh cars to cruise around town; as his sign of appreciation.

House In Question

However, just like young girls, the promoter was disappointed when he found out Baata got very close with other men throwing her out without a second thought. A few days ago, the ‘Nsubiza’ star called it off, officially ending their two year romp. On the other hand, Sipapa has hooked another sexy singer identified as Brown Shuga.

We will keep you posted.