Gravity Omutujju Speaks About Paraffin’s Death

Posted: 2016-08-11T10:04:06Z Read: 5,500 times
Gravity Omutujju Speaks About Paraffin’s Death

Luga flow rapper Gravity Omutujju has revealed that he wasn’t aware of Paraffin’s heart disease among other things. Paraffin died about two weeks ago while backstage at a show in Mubende due to a heart attack.

While speaking on NTV The Beat hosted by Douglas Lwanga, The rapper told the viewers that he had no knowledge about Paraffin’s heart condition until he they had to travel together to Dubai for a show.

“He didn’t tell me earlier, it was his friend, Diesel, who told me when I was asking them for passports and credentials for us to travel for the show. But when I asked him he denied and said it just a vein”---Gravity revealed

The Money singer also added that paraffin passed away while he (Gravity Omutujju) was on stage performing

“I was told that he collapsed back stage after performing four songs. They didn’t want me to lose my morale. When I got back stage after my performance, I was told that he had died”

Although some people accused Gravity for sacrificing his dancer, the rapper said that the parents of the deceased knew about his illness and accepted his death with ease.

Paraffin was laid to rest at his home on 2nd August 2016—May His Soul Rest in Peace.