I Am a Spoilt Brat, I don’t how to Cook— Dr. Stella Nyanzi

Posted: 2016-08-04T12:48:03Z
I Am a Spoilt Brat, I don’t how to Cook— Dr. Stella Nyanzi

Dr. Stella Nyanzi an outspoken lecturer yesterday confessed how spoilt she is when it comes to cooking however much she has proven to know almost everything about sex and love making.

Stella Nyanzi who recently relocated to South Africa after landing a juicy job at a South African University wrote on her Facebook wall expressing how she misses her cook whom she abandoned at home;

“I am a spoilt brat. I miss Rhoda, the lady who has been cooking delicious meals in my home for years. I never ever have to cook anything when I am at home.

Now that I am living alone, I must cook for myself. Unlike my mother, my sisters, my daughter, my grandmothers and my aunts, I am that one woman who does not like cooking. I hate it. I can wash up, clean the house, do laundry and shopping, but I prefer not to cook.

I am having the time of my life burning pots and pans as I relearn the pain of having to cook. I burn the rice, pasta, potatoes, eggs, even toast... I cut into my fingers as I chop chicken or beef, dice onions or ginger, slice carrots or potatoes. My eyes tear when I do the onions. Oh God, I hate cooking.

I promise to love, honour, and appreciate Rhoda for the ease her service brings to my life. I will call her today and thank her for joyfully preparing the most sumptuous meals for me and my children”.  She lamented