Zuena Kirema — 'I Want to Run for President of Uganda in 2020'

Zuena Kirema, wife to the legendary Bebe Cool says she will run for president in 2020 because 'she has what it takes' to run this country.

Zuena Kirema — 'I Want to Run for President of Uganda in 2020'
Story by Businge Brian Franco \

During his first 'Life of Bebe Cool' press conference that was held July. 15, 2016 at Liquid Silk, Village Mall in Bugolobi, Bebe Cool's speech about how strong and well founded women are triggered rather a surreal statement from his beautiful wife Zuena Kirema.

The former 'NTV Life Stories' show host pulled a Kanye West stunt declaring she wants to be president of the republic of Uganda ... because her husband believes she has what it takes.

Awkward, right? Thought so!

Having been made known in a freakish dramatic way, this revelation brought the conference into laughter ... and, as it was expected, Zuena later revealed that it was all a joke. Of course it was. Who would believe her anyway?

Besides, if she became president, who would be first lady? Bebe Cool?


Do you think the State House is ready for a President like Zuena? Leave your thoughts in a comment section below.

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