Mc Luzze Andrew Anderson Threatens To Quit WBS TV

Posted: 2016-04-27T06:58:41Z
Mc Luzze Andrew Anderson Threatens To Quit WBS TV

WBS Morning Flavor presenter MC Luzze Andrew Anderson, who is the pioneer of Uganda entertainment gossip segment on local TV is threatening to quit WBS TV if they fail to meet his demands before the week ends.

In a post he shared, it read: 

It's been great time working with WBS TV for the last 3 and1/2 years,started when I was still in a medical school and saw this program ICON hosted by Hakim de Dream on WBS and on bed where I was sleeping told my sis I can beat those guys hands down in presentation and when I joined,I just did that hence I started working and covering up for Barbra Yata on Showtime magazine,before I knew it morning flavor was there.According to the producer I was to do international entertainment news which I didn't find interesting before they knew it I was doing local entertainment stories on the show.. it sold out and today most of the entertainment shows on tv have entertainment gossip because I gave it a try then came this kid Luswata who didn't know how to run this and when I tried teaching her,she just failed to learn. Went back to school paying my own tuition at UMCAT journalism school finishing soon this year and with the knowledge I have got I think am supposed to host a different show which is more educative,entertaining and informative between the time of 4 to 6 day time and as you know competition is healthy.
Well if WBS TV is not giving me this opportunity of hosting a show between 4 and 6 day time then soon .....may be this week will be leaving because I believe in exploiting by abilities as a journalist to pass information as my fundamental purpose
Thanks to all of you who have always watched in each time on morning flavor and turn it up, you are the best thing that happened to me not forgetting my producer chali chali.God bless you but may be was meet to join this other station
Thanks to all the artists we have worked with during that period

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Lets meet in part 2 of the game for now am hosting my last shows on WBS TV Morning flavor

With God everything is possible

We wish him all the best.