The Two Women Giving A Pass Stiff Erections

Posted: 2016-04-13T11:58:24Z Read: 5,637 times
The Two Women Giving A Pass Stiff Erections

If you thought A Pass's obsession with Flavia Tumusiime and Anita Fabiola was a publicity stunt to sell his songs 'Give Me A Kiss' and 'Don't You Want Me Baby', there's a big change you're wrong.

It's now clear that A Pass is obsessed and won't take no for an answer. After apologizing to Flavia for all those annoying love Facebook posts, he's at again ... but now turning to his fans to help him chose a WIFE between the two sexy TV personalities. Wow!

‪#‎PickForMeWife‬ ‪#‎FlaviaOrFabiola‬ 
Choose for me a wife because I am personally confused !!!! And tell me why you choose her.

See, they are already his wives ... but it seems the singer is caught in between a rock and a hard place. He couldn't make up his mind because he loves them both and for some reason, he knows he only has to choose one for a WIFE and now wants his fans to help him.

So, who is it going to be? Flavia or Fabiola? 

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