Ann Kansime — I Will Never Apologize For My Photo With President Museveni

Posted: 2016-03-20T14:44:11Z
Ann Kansime —  I Will Never Apologize For My Photo With President Museveni

Celebrated comedian, and actress Ann Kansime, known for her funny YouTube videos  has come out to blast a section of public who want her to apologize for involving herself in Tubonga Nawe project which was meant to promote the presidential bid of NRM candidate Yoweri Museveni.

Recently, the biggest opposition party in Uganda, FDC, came out and announced …that their fans should boycott activities of artists supported president Museveni in the recently concluded general elections. In fact, the disenfranchised fans also asked artists to make public apology.

Well, during a recent interview on Bukedde TV in DJ Shiru’s Saturday music programme, Kansime assured critics that she will never apologize for her personal choice and brief,

Let me tell you something, this Mukiga girl came to Kampala on Posta bus, I had never seen a jam in my life and when I came the only thing I would never have dreamt of is shaking the President's hand. Imagine getting an invitation to have dinner with the President …a chance for me and him to breathe the same air. And then you deny me such a chance, shyaa! What could change my mind? The handshake and photo opportunity, I hadn't anticipated it! In fact, am very happy, I made the president laugh and cry at the same time, Nze ani? (Who am i?) What you should know, I am Kansime, I am Ugandan and I won't apologize for a picture with my President.

Everyone has a right to do things the way they want. But let me put it straight; I am not and will never apologize for that photo.

Watch this space!