Lilian Mbabazi Names Mowzey Radio's Best Songs

Posted: 2016-03-18T10:25:16Z
Lilian Mbabazi Names Mowzey Radio's Best Songs

Over the years, we have seen Mowzey Radio and Weasel grow musically into big artistes not only in Uganda but Africa as well.

Their music has often become household anthems….and apparently it was music that saw Radio penetrate Lilian Mbabazi’s heart and infect it with too much love thus loosening her legs for Radio’s ‘guest of honour’.

The two have since had two babies together, however, their love has been kept off media scene.......

Recently, while appearing at one of the city radios, Lilian was tasked by Bryan Mackenzie to mention her best favourite bonkmate’s songs…and with all the comfort Lilian mentioned, Talk and Talk, Obudde, Breathe away

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