Haruna Mubiru’s UK Show Flops Over Tubonga Nawe

Posted: 2016-02-26T12:22:40Z Read: 10,547 times
Haruna Mubiru’s UK Show Flops Over Tubonga Nawe

If you thought that Ugandan are annoyed here (Uganda) over the recent election, you have to think again!  

The latest we are having from Europe indicate that Singer Haruna Mubiru was humiliated in UK when he failed to fill the show venue and decided to sing for empty chairs.

Apparently the show started when there few people scattered in the hall and the numbers were increasing at a decreasing rate as the show went on.

Some of the people who attended have revealed the show was poor organization and characterized with weak advertising strategies

However, an alternative source told Howwe.Biz that the main cause that successfully led to the flop of the concert was; people in diaspora gang up against him for his role in Tubonga nawe

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