A Pass Sends Flavia Tumusiime A Special Valentines Day Message

Posted: 2016-02-14T09:52:22Z Read: 8,879 times
A Pass Sends Flavia Tumusiime A Special Valentines Day Message

A Pass is not ready to give up fighting for Flavia Tumusiime's love after being turned down several times,


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Today, singer striked back with a comeback valentines message for Flavia. A Pass captioned Flavia's photo with this message:

#‎TrueLove‬ is when you love someone for who they are, not for who you want them to be. You say you love him or her but actually you want to fix them, that's not love. You have to accept that you are not perfect and neither is your partner. You can not own people you love; you let them be. Once you learn that, then you'll know the real meaning of love. Most of us hate the people we used to love due to separation. We feel like they're meaningless now that they're not by our side but we shared love, we care, why do we hate them so much now? Due to the fact that we are possessive lovers, we want things to go our way. We used to share kisses and hugs - now that we can't exchange them we hate instead. Was that love?
We cannot fix each other...
We need to first love ourselves, accept that we are humans who make mistakes in life and accept our partners the way they are.
That's "LOVE"
I don't want to fix you, I want to love you.

What do you think? Should Flavia give A Pass a chance?