NRA War Veteran Bitter With Chameleone And Gravity Omutujju

Posted: 2016-02-08T08:48:52Z Read: 6,116 times
NRA War Veteran Bitter With Chameleone And Gravity Omutujju

Sgt. Steven Kifulugunyu, is very bitter with the current crop of artists. The buoyant retired NRA veteran is angry that Gravity Omutujju and Chameleon have made gains by redoing his popular bush war songs albeit permission.

The "Mwoto Na Waka" composer and singer expressed disgust stating that Gravity Omutujju has brought shame to his historic liberation struggle song.

" Can you imagine? A small boy born just yesterday... 1993 is singing my song without permission", he stated.

Also, José Chameleon's hit song " Tubonge", has a close similarity to his "Tubonge" version.

Rtd. Sgt. Steven was the chief composer of NRA bush war songs that were used to uplift the spirits of the fighters in the 5 year Luweero guerilla war that brought the current regime to power. He later tried to sing love songs after retirement but has since cited lack of funds to continue making music. He urged the president to come to rescue so that he may shoot videos for all his songs so that they are popular among the younger generation.