Jose Chameleone Has Never Bonked Me — Singer Jackie Cries Out

Posted: 2016-02-02T10:53:30Z
Jose Chameleone Has Never Bonked Me — Singer Jackie Cries Out

A few days ago, the entertainment industry received shocking news of how the Mbarara singer cum actress with Twagi on TV West, Jackie Kazire had proudly enjoyed bonking sessions with fellow singer Joseph Mayanja alias Dr. Jose Chameleone in exchange for a collabo!

This was after one of the popular tabloids claimed that Jackie Kazire was overheard telling friends:

“You guys let me tell you, there is my friend whom I will not mention, she told me that Weasel bonked her the whole night that’s what happened to me last night I cried to Chameleone to stop but he refused, he bonked me for over an hour nonstop,” Jackie telling friends

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However, today the singer has come out to rubbish claims — stating ... she has never enjoyed or felt Chameleone's whopper pulses...and will never do such a thing!

Greetings to my fans friends and family,

Am so much hurt by the long wrong posts and news about me that are not true, To my thinking, We a celebraties are like a big family!!! So meeting a celebrity who is bigger than me I take it as a big chance to raise my music carrier but that doesn't mean that I should go to bed with them, Dr Jose Chameleone is a big artist in Uganda and i desire to sing like him and I would like to be where he is but ,,,,,,,, that doesn't mean that i should sleep with him in order to achieve that! I apologize to my family, friends and fans about what the newspaper are writing about me. Am so hurt, my respect is gone due to false newspaper's -----And makes me so sad is that nothing i can do about i can do about those Journelists who write anything they want and no one can press charges against them even the Government, I worked so hard to get where i am now am am hurt that my name is tarnishing like that in a false story, Thank you to everyone who understands me,

Jackie Kazire

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