Tycoon SK Mbuga Gets His ‘Once Stolen Wife’ Back!

Posted: 2016-01-20T14:28:31Z
Tycoon SK Mbuga Gets His ‘Once Stolen Wife’ Back!

Recently, there has been bad blood between Suleiman Kabangala Mbuga and Chris Cameroon Gitawo over money and woman!

The talk on the street has been SK Mbuga’s his wife; Vivienne Birungi had been snatched by South Africa-based Ugandan socialite, Cameroon Gitawo and apparently bonked her into cabbages after which he discovered she was drier than Zari.

However, the tycoon, SK Mbuga who also beds Leila Kayondo shared a photograph of himself and wife, Birungi to prove to rumor-mongers that he still beds Vivian

It should be noted that Vivienne a few days back came out and cleared the air that Gitawo had never seen or tasted her hairy cookie.

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