Craft Silicon & Safaricom Launch Little Cab

Posted: 2016-07-10T13:02:53Z
Craft Silicon & Safaricom Launch Little Cab

Craft Silicon a leading Kenyan software company in partnership with Safaricom have launched Little Cabapp – an Uber rival. Bearing a very colorful logo, Little Cab is the next big thing in tax hailing business. The application is currently available on the Google Play store and can be downloaded and used only in Kenya for now.

During its pilot, Little Cab received a lot of positive feedback signing over 500 drivers mostly from Easy Taxi which recently pulled out of the Kenyan market. Little Cab offers better rates for customers and higher revenue share for drivers making it the most favorable taxi hailing app to use. And unlike Uber, it will also have no price surges according to Craft Silicon CEO Mr. Kamal Budhabhatti. Price surges have been a major complaint from Uber users and now they have a more preferable alternative.

The telecommunications giant Safaricom with Little Cab will offer free Wi-Fi to the customers. Customers will also be able to pay using their M-pesa mobile wallets according to Safaricom CEO Robert Collymore

How Little Cab works

It’s a basic nice application with a seamless user interface. One downloads the app, signs up, enables their GPS and they get on with hailing a cab –  the usual process.

Craft SiliconLittle Cab interface

The application offers three transport modes, basic, comfort and lady bug. Basic being the everyday person mode where you get regular mid-range cars to pick you up and at the fairest prices. Comfort steps the game up, giving you more executive cars i.e. Mercedes Benz, Range Rover etc… but at a higher but still fair price.

Finally lady bug is an option that can only be used by female customers to hail female drivers. Lady bug is projected to be a hit with female customers as it offers women more comfort to ride with women. It also acts as a solution to the assault cases that have been reported with Uber drivers.

Our sources in Nairobi who have used little Cab have high regard for the innovation. They only hope the little annoying things about it i.e. drivers delaying to arrive can be fixed with time with more honest feedback from the users.

Little Cab is already causing a price war in the tax hailing market in Kenya. It’s very pocket friendly rates have customers already anticipating using it over the other applications in the market. Whether Little Cab will be coming to Kampala following the recent entry of Uber into the untapped vast market in Uganda isn’t known yet. But it’s news we look forward to.

Could this be the formidable rival that shakes things up for Uber? Time will tell.