Shocker: Jeff Kiwa killed AK47?!

Posted: 2015-05-04T07:57:25Z

Was this a reckless statement ever made by Chameleone? This seems to twist things up!! Hmmmmh..... everyone who attended Friday's concert atleast could have heard this statement made by Uganda's best artist.

Jeff Kiwa yatta omusajja oyo,(AK47)” he alleged on Friday while performing at Wale Wale Double trouble concert!

Well, while performing at Kyadondo rugby grounds in a wonderful and full packed action concert, Chameleone publicly blamed TNS Manager Jeff Kiwa of killing his brother Emmanuel Mayanja aka AK47.

“Jeff Kiwa killed that man (AK47)” --- literally that comment took the whole crowd to murmuring and later went grave silent.

He later on to performe his tribute song for AK47, however what we are not sure about is--- does he have proof of this statement or it was just a slip of the tongue?

We can't give further explanation to this comment better than Chameleone. Otherwise we beg to keep here for any update on this story.