So Sad: Radio City Presenter Mackenzie’s brother commits suicide

Posted: 2015-02-17T07:56:23Z Read: 7,114 times

It’s really so bad when someone decides to hate every good thing on this world and decides to kill himself?

According to the St Joseph’s Vocational High School Facebook page, One Deus a brother to a flopped musician but rather eminent radio host, Mackenzie is dead!

We have been told Mackenzie’s elder brother Deus committed suicide -- an incident on Sunday, February 15.  However, parallel sources say---his death all steamed from Valentine’s Day. Sympathizers say he was moody the whole Valentine’s day though the exact cause of the problem is not yet known

Deus died from multiple injuries sustained after he allegedly jumped from the top of a storied building in Mbarara Town.

Our sincere commiseration towards the Mackenzie’s family

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