F--K The Police — YUNG MULO Is Having Weed For XMass. Hmm!

Posted: 2014-12-22T14:40:43Z

Jail cells are empty because there has been a few cases this year. But musician Yung Mulo may be what God has sent from Bobi Wine's territory to Police as a Christmas gift for the hard work they've done for the country.

WTF?! Okay not granted to Mulo ... because no matter how high one can be, they wouldn't shared a photo of them holding a full plate of weed and captioned with comments that annoy the police.

Mulo technically called the police to have weed dinner with him ... whaaa?!

Merry x-mass... who is coming for dinner? it's ready...... — Mulo captioned the photo

One of his fans commented "Imagine ur t-shirt reads Welcome to luzira prison" -- but Mulo is not shaken. In fact, this could be a great story to keep him in the lime light "YUNG MULO ARRESTED FOR INVITING POLICE OFFICERS TO HAVE WEED DINNER WITH HIM".

And the next story would be "Mulo is now cleaning toilets in Luzira" or worse. Some one tell him that it's good in there!

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