O.M.G — Did Zari Just Confirm Rumors That She Made The Sex Tape to Earn Attention For Her Ciroc All White Party?

Posted: 2014-12-12T07:38:45Z

We knew a lot of things were going to happen after the leak of Zari's bushy solo sex video but ... we hardly saw this coming.

If we're right, then Zari just confirmed the rumours that have been brooding all over the internet that she made the tape to attract attention for her upcoming event "Ciroc All White Party".

Socialites! Socialites! They'll do anything to stay in the lime light -- but this is too much ... even for Kim K.

Even though we reported that we wouldn't rule out the possiblity, we doubted ourselves and nearly believed this was all a mistake. We said to our selves, this is one of those moments when a secret bedroom video falls in the wrong hands ... and how it got out is a closed book.

Zari Might Have Just Reveled That The Tape Is Meant To Boost Her Ciroc All White Party Event.

Zari took to her instagram account today Dec. 12, and shared a cryptic message ... but we deciphered that piece!

"Never forget that nothing of REAL value comes without being earned."

Not friends but 'Sex For Business' -- Diamond Platinumz is part of the game Zari is playing for her event. He's a success! Him and a couple of other possibilities.

Even though it is obvious, we hope the sex tape works for her too.

PS: You Say Zari Hassan Is Dry. But how did she manage to bewitch Diamond with her private parts? Think about that! :)

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