The ‘Emesse’ Headboy Capt Dollar Robbed Of His Car.

Posted: 2014-09-30T08:43:39Z Read: 6,141 times

When you talk of ‘Emesse’...girls who are around you will lose their sense of belonging… they will start fantasizing the anthem they perform every night with their men.

As they are singing the lines, they don't know what the composer of the anthem is going through. We have a deep and touching story from a reliable.

As quoted:

This is a sad story of my Brother and judge accordingly

Capt Dollar bought his car but the time they stayed together, his manager Muwonge Marone, is the one who used to drive it, he never allowed him drive it not even for an hour, all the money they used to get during shows was would be deposited on the managers account, the boy didn't have access to any coin, so life became so hard for him that he called for my hand and said that he wanted to start staying with me as he sorts out himself to get a new manager, when i reached his home, the former manager refused him to take anything right from the car, he even grabbed the car key from me, they started exchanging words and everything turned bloody then me i went to police and and asked for help, the manager was locked up for days, and the police told him to give us the car keys and other things that belonged to my brother which he did, but now he took the case to court that he wants a share of dollars property, he are still appearing in court up to date and he also tells people who call him wanting Dollar to perform that he has other shows so he can't perform and that's how he's missing out a lot of opportunities of late, he even comes up with false stories about him in papers almost everyday, am kindly requesting you Howwe to clear up the whole mess.