Geez!! Leila Kayondo Takes Dirtiest 'Herbet Chapman' Photo Ever ... Too Much Excitement

Posted: 2014-09-26T08:45:03Z

The 'AWO' hit maker was in the UK for the miss Uganda UK 2014 event that was held at tratford town hall in London.

We've all been there, ... arriving in a place you probably are visiting for the first or second time, and then you decide to take photos with anything, anywhere and with anyone. Then you land on a statue of a legend or someone highly appreciated for their work you definitely have no flaming idea about. But, you have to look cool, right?!... and pretend everything looks familiar.

Leila Kayondo, you had so much fun but ... you should have left Herbet Chapman's sculpure alone. What is that?! What?!

Kayondo was enjoying herself outside the Emirates Stadium ... massaging Arsenal legends' statues before she set to perform at the event along side UK based ugandan artistes and Ang3lina of the 'Ghetto Lovin' fame. 

Leila Kayondo (L) and singing diva Ang3lina (R)

Leila Kayondo on Thiery Henry statue

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