Dr. Jose Chameleone is A Devil Worshiper, Allegedly

Posted: 2014-08-25T04:59:41Z Read: 65,915 times

What Do You Think? Is Dr. Jose Chameleone In The Illuminati?

Jay-Z loves Satan and thanks Satan every day for his blessings. I don't know about our music doctor 'Jose Chameleone'.

Jose Chameleone and Illuminati.  What do these two words have in common?  Apparently a lot lately as speculation has been building phenomenally over the last few weeks about the self proclaimed music doctor, and the Illuminati.  Accusations are coming from a recording by an alleged former devil worshiper who goes around churches exposing celebrities he claims are Illuminati and even the media has picked up on this speculation.

At first these allegations started out as the chatter about the recording but the questions have snowballed into the mainstream media and now has become common talk amongst people in the past few weeks.

A good question that we all should ask ourselves is do we really believe that an elite group that is in “control” of the world needs to employ someone such as Jose Chameleone to manipulate people through his music?  I’m not counting out the possibility because anything is possible but I don’t honestly believe Dr. Jose Chameleone is Illuminati.  I’m not even saying there is no influence of the Illuminati in the industry but I ultimately think we have bigger fish to fry, like Obama, Bush ... Please tell me the CIA is not reading this.

One statement that is making some people believe it, is, Jose came out a few days ago and said that he's sure by the year ends, he will be the richest musician in Africa... the man in the recording says Chameleone was chosen as the leader of all devil worshipers in Africa, could his destiny be now or all this is some stinking BS. Am not making conclusions because I honestly don't know. But this is a lot to ignore. What do you think?

And again, thanks to Peng Peng for the video!

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