Gravity Omutujju Accussed Of Plucking Out Kamemyo's Concert Posters

Posted: 2015-10-02T12:25:16Z

Members of Victor Kamenyo's team are accusing Gravity Omutujju of plucking out  their rapper's concert posters pinned around town in a bid to have it flop.

Both Rappers Gravity Omutujju and Victor Kamenyo are billed to hold concerts on Oct 9 at freedom city and Muganzilwaza mall, respectively.

The two rival luga flow giants have been exchanging altercations since they announced their concert dates, but looks like their feud is getting a little too far. A member from Kamenyo's camp exclusively spilled details to howwebiz

 "Gravity is doing hard to fail our concert, he has hired boys to remove kamenyo's concert posters around town. But we're charged to kick him out of Luga Flow, he is old fashioned"

According to another local entertainment site, Gravity reportedly told friends that Kamenyo is struggling to be like him but he'll put him in his level come October 9th.

When contacted, Victor Kamenyo's representative rubbished Gravity's claims that he (Kamemyo) is trying to be like him.

"The two have a similar sound or style because they used to sing as a group while in high school at Old Kampala SS, their group consisted Raff X, Gravity and Kamenyo, all doing luga flow. Gravity was just lucky that he broke through before others, it's therefore not true that Kamenyo is copying Gravity because he has been flowing the same way since long"