Video Review: Nishike By Pallaso & Beenie Gunter

Posted: 2015-09-30T07:39:44Z

Pallaso is a name on every new song at least every week. He is a hit factory when it comes to collaborations. Remember Go down low, Amasso and Kona.

Now he has a new track entitled Nishike featuring dancehall star Beenie Gunter. Nishike is a potential hit song in the lineage of other massive collaboration hits he delivers.

Nishike is one video you'll want to keep on replay. The high points in this video are so numerous to mention. The video quality is satisfactory, the  vixens are so hot for words to describe.

It gets more pleasant when Beenie turns his romance on with a vixen. They seductively get close to an extent of nearly locking lips.

Surprisingly, Pallaso kept a cool around the delicious babes in the video. In his previous videos pallaso has always engaged romanctically with vixens but this time Beenie stole the shine.

Nishike will get you grooving whether you can sketch a dance stroke or not.