City Model Mugume Canary Spills Love Secrets —INTERVIEW

Posted: 2015-09-24T07:32:56Z

Hi canary, thanks for creating time for this interview! Start by telling me some background information about yourself?

I am the second last born in a family of 4. Born in Mbarara, 1st year student at IUEA doing I.T. I am a professional commercial and runway model, TV host, Fashion blogger founder of Version 86, Creative director- Fashion Repu­blique. Net

I know you are enjoying significant success as a model, when did you discover you can be a model and who convinced you?

I discovered I can be a model in October, 2013 after a test shoot by Buzz magazine, directed by Ssentongo Hassan. I was then scouted by Kat Modeling Agency, a Kenyan based modeling agency, signed up, trained and then thrown to the world to go shine.

What's your biggest professional achievement so far in your career?

My biggest achievement has been the respect I have earned from people, I enjoy certain privileges because of the work I do and I have built a good reputation

What do you think are the features/qualities you have that attract other people the most?

My self-discipline is my best feature. I am an honest person and am very patient. Secondly, as I mentioned above, I was trained to be a model, therefore I mastered the art of walking on the runway, the confidence and attitude towards the cameras.

Your career involves hanging around with hot babes, right? How is it like to keep up with those girls?

Keeping up with hot girls? It is normal. I mean, which person works around only men or only females? We all work around different sexes, therefore it is normal to me.

Many of our readers enjoy ogling Jackie Kembabazi's bikini photos, we understand she is your model under Fashion Republique. What do you have to say about her sexiness?

Jackie Kembabazi is actually not my model under Fashion Republique, I just used her for awareness when I was launching

Rumors have been swirling that you and WBS TV Presenter Sasha Ferguson are dating, Describe for us your relationship with the teen presenter?

Yes, we are dating, I would describe the relationship as a committed one.

(PHOTO: Mugume and Sasha Ferguson)

Do you get girl's that hit on you on social media or off the internet, how do you handle the situation?

Yes, I do. It is just a matter of making them understand the impacts of their actions, possibilities and impossibilities

who is your Celebrity crush?
Crush Celebrity? Sasha Ferguson

what else do you do apart from Modelling?

I am a student at IUEA, I am a TV host, I am a graphic designer, I am C.E.O Version 86, I am a fashion blogger and creative director at Fashion Republique

There people who say, male models are gay, what do you have to say about that?

It is a wrong stereotype that Ugandans use because they know absolutely not much about male modeling, it is a new thing in the country, that has to be embraced with time, people choose to be gay by themselves, but not all male models are gay and if one is gay and at the same time a model, it is a coincidence, the same way you will find an engineer who is gay.

Your last words for Howwe.Biz readers?

Last words? Thank you for supporting me throughout the projects I have been working on, continue with the spirit. Lastly, have a purpose in life, work towards it. Thank you Howwe.Biz for the interview, much
appreciate that

The power couple

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