Did Flavia Tumusiime Turn Down J Cole For Poor Mc Kats?

Posted: 2015-09-24T05:37:16Z

To so many Kampala babes, it's a dream come true for a guy like j Cole to hit on them. J Cole is an American rapper, record producer and song writer.

J Cole is not like that guy next door, he has achieved more than you can imagine. He has a mega house, a small chopper, and a fleet of posh cars, he has won more than two bet awards, Grammys, among other international awards. How do you describe success in Uganda?

He is friends with Jayz, Kanye west and Chris brown. Sometimes he even goes for dinner dates with Nicki Minaj.

Would you turn down an advance from J Cole? (You girl, don't lie- J Cole is better than bebe cool and kenzo). But munange, he was turned down by one of our own Flavia Tumusiime.

Who is Flavia Tumusiime?

Flavia Tumusiime describes herself as the it girl of this generation, she is a news anchor at Ntv Uganda, a radio presenter and an events mc. Flavia has Jose Chameleone, Amama Mbabazi, princess Komuntale, all on her speed dial.

In her gallery, she has photos with Davido, Psquare and many other African music stars. Flavia has been on big stages, she once hosted big brother Africa and is tipped to take on President Robert Mugabe's next birthday, unless she turns that down.

Yes- she is a lady of class, majestic, principled, name it. Every man would want to spend a lifetime with Flavia, she appears to be a wifely material but has failed to find a husband despite numerous advances from men.

Turning down J Cole for poor Kats

She must have turned down more than 1,000 men because her shapely body and curves are not things you can just ignore. Flavia recently dished some shocking details about her love life- she said "J Cole wanted to have some private time with me when we met at the big brother 2012 but I told him to f**k off"

Ehh Flavia, I don't believe you! We heard you once had an affair with MC Kats when both of you were still working at WBS TV.

We're told it is you who tied on him, you flaunted your ass around him...You said sweet things to Kats, mbu ate you once forced him to marry you....Mc Kats! Of all people? By then he was just as broke as a friend in Nansana, he lined up for Rolex, bonked recklessly and rented a small muzigo. Is that the kind of guy you want to date? Come one Flavia.....Look he even embarrassed you- he turned you down for Fille Mutoni.