Video Review: Ndikulinda by Judith Babirye

Posted: 2017-01-20T08:29:08Z
Video Review: Ndikulinda by Judith Babirye

I will make a confession; I don’t fancy reviewing gospel songs. Why? Because I do not expect to see explicit scenes like girls getting naked and all that stuff you’d find in a Nicki Minaj video. That is not to say I am not Christian, I am, albeit not a staunch one. When I was a little child, we had a maid at home who woke late in the night to read the bible. I am not that type of Christian.

Well, a friend of mine sent an email asking me to review Judith Babirye’s latest video for the song Ndikulinda. I told him cool, I will see if time permits. I knew I was not going to get the time. He sent me a message two days later, ‘Hey bro, what’s up?’

“Oh, I have been tied up in a lot of things, but I will get on it as soon as I am through,”  I lied. I have had so much time on my hands lately. January is a dry month, matter-of-factly. Celebrities are not leaking nudes. Fille and Mc Kats are not fighting. Bebe Cool is also COOL. My friend needn’t send me another reminder, there’s nothing else to do, other than to honor his plea.

Nidikulinda is not a gospel track as I thought, earlier. Judith is never going to stop to surprise. It is a love track laced with brilliant romantic lyrics. These are things that qualify Judith to the league of legends, isn’t it? She knows how to string her words.

But wait, isn’t she supposed to be composing songs about handshakes? Anyways, I must say, I should have watched this video immediately it crawled into my mail. The story line portrayed in this video is apt, fitting amazingly with the audio lyrics. The picture is neat. And the costume is perfectly what you’d expect of a Memeber of parliament.

I am not surprised with this elegant piece of work though; the video was mastered by one of the best videographers we have in town, Hassan Bahemuka of Hasz films.

We are happy Judith has not walked away from her old self.