Fortebet Donates 29.4 Million To Najeera Hospital

Posted: 2021-02-28T20:32:13Z
Fortebet Donates 29.4 Million To Najeera Hospital

Fortebet, has once again strengthened it’s promise of giving back to Ugandans!

This was further demonstrated on Tuesday when Fortebet donated UGX 29.4 million shillings to Najjeera Hospital in a bid to fight COVID-19.

The cheque was presented to the hospital by Fortebet Media Manager, John Nanyumba and received by Dr. Patson Makobore.

According to Nanyumba, this is one of the 6 donations of this kind that Fortebet will deliver this year. For 6 equal amounts, Fortebet will make a total contribution of UGX 176 million to help fight COVID-19 in Uganda. This will complement a number of other Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs that F0rtebet has lined up this year.

“The money will be used for the purchase of consumables for the provision of Oxygen Therapy to serve COVID-19 patients in medical facilities in line with the national pandemic challenges within the country,” Nanyumba noted.

Makobore thanked F0rtebet for having such a big heart.

He warned everyone in Uanda to be vigilant and observe the COVID-19 safety guidelines to the letter.

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