Galaxy FM's Mr. Mosh Ssendi In Charity Drive

Posted: 2018-11-05T05:19:36Z
Galaxy FM's Mr. Mosh Ssendi In Charity Drive

About two weeks ago, Mr. Mosh hosted the first ever "Life Is A Beach" show that was intended to raise funds for an orphanage he came to know through his Facebook platform.

Over the weekend, Mr. Mosh delivered items like sugar, salt, posho, rice, soap, scholastic materials, clothes and liquid cash to Habiba Orphanage Centre in Nakifuma to help them in their day to day activities.

Habiba Orphanage centre looks after the homeless and disadvantaged children between the ages of 4 and 16.

It pays their school fees and teaches them life skills like tailoring, welding, carpentry and many more.

Mr. Mosh joins other public figures like Bebe Cool, Grace Nakimera and many more involved in helping the needy and the disadvantaged.