Mighty Son -- 'I Didn't Reject Elephant Man Collaboration'

Posted: 2017-03-06T10:35:00Z Read: 4,500 times
Mighty Son -- 'I Didn't Reject Elephant Man Collaboration'

A rumor brought up at yesterday's Roast & Wine by Roger Mugisha demanding a response got a very surprising answer from a polite Mighty Son.

The legendary reggae star had been rumored to have rejected a collaboration proposal apparently suggested by Jamaican legend Elephant Man.

It had been said that when the Jamaican singer came to Uganda, he listened to Mighty Son's music and was interested in working with him on a joint song ... but the 'Step On the Floor' singer dismissed the proposal as impractical because apparently, Elephant Man is a dancer, not a singer.

When asked by Roger to clarify on the claim, Mighty Son revealed that the rumor is an absolute lie.

Watch Mighty Son talk about the alleged Elephant Man collabo scandal.