Zari’s Brother Ting Dis Bonks Babe in A Bar

Posted: 2015-12-26T17:07:06Z Read: 11,681 times
Zari’s Brother Ting Dis Bonks Babe in A Bar

After his copy and paste sour habits from his elder sister Zari, Ivan Ssemwanga and the Rich Gang generals like King Lawrence, our Moles reveal that Ting, who was allegedly bonking tycoon Mutaasa Kafero’s daughter, Mastula Mutaasa is these days enjoying a riotous life of switching babes from side to side. 


This time, he was spotted with other babes in a give and take position parallel to a threesome, just like we reported a few days ago of how the Rich Gang generals, Ivan Ssemwanga and King Lawrence went by the moon in a threesome. 


Cozy Moment: Ting Dis with the babe he allegedly bonked in club!


Ting Dis was spotted a few days ago at ‘Pop the Bottles’ event, Kololo, by our lens boozing and fingering a yet to be identified babe. According to our snoops, after the burnt hair babe taking too much booze, she got drunk only to single out the young money Ting who was later seen drowning in her thighs like a silver fish in a shark’s mouth. 


They were later on seen fondling with take me to bed smiles pasted all over their faces. 


After a long boobs and Thighland venture, the babe was seen capitulating to Ting Dis’ already sexual twinkled body thus driving her away for some more steamy chats.