Mystery Man Balloons Singer Mary Bata

Posted: 2015-12-21T11:24:01Z Read: 10,460 times
Mystery Man Balloons Singer Mary Bata

Apparently, celebrated ‘salute’ singer, Mary Bata is not a joking subject when it comes to bedroom affairs. According to a source close to the singer intimates to us that, Bata could have swallowed a live seed about two months back. As a result, she was spotted at a curtain spot in Makindye putting on a ‘Kitenge’ trying to hide her baby bump from revealers.

Better still, a close pal who also doubles as her young sister and also a band mate, says Bata has always been seeing a secret dude who she calls her special half:

“Am also not sure about it but still her ways are quite changing. Her tummy is a bit enlarging. We’re all in the band wondering who could be mister right,” a band mate revealed.  

 For it being true, then the Kream production queen is set to drop baby number two.