Sk Mbuga, Gitawo Beef Takes New Twist

Posted: 2016-01-09T14:37:03Z Read: 9,853 times
Sk Mbuga, Gitawo Beef Takes New Twist

The beef between city socialites SK Mbuga and South Africa based businessman Cameron Gitawo has execrated.

After Gitawo double-crossing  Mbuga and sold his BMW 640D to Desh Kananura, a city Panamera bar boss; saying that SK didn’t pay him handsomely as he had wished, thus selling it again, however this has caused the furious Mbuga to throw some bombastic words vowing to go hard on Gitawo if at all he doesn’t return his BMW.

 However, after Mbuga being released from prison he learnt that Gitawo had rushed back to South Africa without parking the car he bought from him at shs77M, he later tried to reach him on phone and all he said was to get him another machine saying the money he gave him does not at all march the cost of his BMW.

This pissed Mbuga and vowed to hunt him down to recover his car or the money,

“I do record which ever business I do with that man, because I know his ways and he thinks he’s smatter than me, (kate) now am going to show him that am more weird than him,” Mbuga revealed on a phone call interview.

Watch this space