Musicians, Producers Unleash New Revolution In Uganda’s Music Industry

Posted: 2022-01-12T13:14:59Z
Musicians, Producers Unleash New Revolution In Uganda’s Music Industry

Looks like there is a revolution in Uganda’s music industry which prompted producers to blend new trends and styles in their videography whenever they are producing music videos.

This new trend can be witnessed in the new videos that are being dropped onto the music scene almost on  a daily, especially those made by ace videographers like   Visani Magic, Sasha Vybz, Marvin musoke, Aaronaire and Nolton George. 

Analysts in the industry observe that producers like Visani are unleashing new music videos on the market that are discarding the old style of copying American and Jamaican videos that were promoting violence, drug abuse, fancy cars, alcohol, sex   and nudity to a new trend promoting Ugandan culture, environment, food, travel and  domestic tourism.

The analysts contend that instead of promoting   the decadent western culture, the artistes and producers  have since started using their music videos to promote culture and other good African  social  lifestyles, the way singer Nkoyoyo Martin aka Yoyo did with his new video ‘Nzijja.’

In his new video, Yoyo and the producer tried as much as possible to change the style of Ugandan video content through promoting Uganda’s culture, natural resources and tourist destinations as he sings about love.

This new style of painting a good image about Uganda not only to Ugandans but also the global community is  good for not only promoting tourism but also attracting foreign investors to Uganda.
Yoyo’s ‘Nzijja’ video features a lot of content about Uganda’s tourism sector, beautiful sceneries and abundant natural resources alongside top drama actors like Sarah Kisawuzi and others, in a bid to promote Uganda not only as a tourist destination but also a lucrative country for investment.