Geoffrey Oloya finally shows face, dispels rumors that he is no boda boda rider status 

Posted: 2021-09-07T20:32:00Z
Geoffrey Oloya finally shows face, dispels rumors that he is no boda boda rider status 

The first recipient of the Government’s COVID-19 Relief Cash, Mr Geoffrey Oloya, has today morning presented himself before Gulu City authorities and dispelled rumors that have been labelling him as a “ghost” recipient of the Relief Cash.

Oloya, a resident of Gulu City, first shot to prominence when the Prime Minister, Rt. Hon.   Robinah Nabbanja, made a call to him as the first recipient of the special fund. 

The fund was intended for the low income earners whose places of work were within the Central Business Districts of Cities and Municipalities across the country. 

However, the facts around Oloya took an unfortunate turn when reports circulated claiming that Oloya had never been a bodaboda rider and that he was unknown in Gulu. 
Frank Mugabi the PRO Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development explains that after hearing of all the bad publicity around him, Oloya today morning presented himself to authorities in his Division of residence to set the facts straight. 

He confirmed that he indeed is a boda boda rider and that he received both the money and the famous telephone call from the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister.  

“I have been busy in my garden in Nyamukino village, Lumulu Sub County at the far end of Nwoya district, where network is very poor and that’s the reason my line has been unreachable.” Oloya said. 

“I first heard of the falsehoods around my name last week when Members of Parliament came to Gulu. I felt so embarrassed because I am a vulnerable person and do boda boda riding within Gulu city.” 

He recalled the process he went through to receive the COVID cash. 

“When I heard about the COVID-19 Cash, I followed the procedures and got registered. I later received the money and immediately bought seeds of soya and rice which I went to plant in my garden. This is where the unfortunate news found me” Oloya said. 

He described the reports that label him as a “ghost recipient” as “unfortunate”. 

“I want to really thank the government for the support.” He noted. 

By this afternoon, Oloya was still working with a string of local authorities including the Resident District Commissioner and representatives from the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development to document the facts.