IGP Ochola urges Muslims to follow Ministry of Health COVID-19 Guidelines as Ramadhan kicks off tomorrow

Posted: 2021-04-12T17:58:28Z Read: 1,484 times
IGP Ochola urges Muslims to follow Ministry of Health COVID-19 Guidelines as Ramadhan kicks off tomorrow

Muslims across the globe will tomorrow Tuesday 12th April 2021 begin the Holy month of Ramadhan after the moon was sighted on Monday evening. 

His Eminence Sheikh Muhammad Ali Waiswa the 2nd Deputy Mufti / Ag. Director of Sharia says Muslims will not conduct TARAWEEH prayers at the National Mosque due to COVID-19 pandemic, unless the President relaxes curfew hours. 

“We urge you to conduct Taraweeh prayers at your respective homes. We have written to the relevant authorities such as office of the Prime Minister” Sheikh Waiswa said. 

Kawempe North MP Latif Ssebagala last week requested that government relaxes curfew during Ramadhan to allow for Muslims access Mosques for prayers.

However, the State Minister for Internal Affairs Obiga Kania said there is no need to relax the curfew as Muslims can meet and pray before curfew time of 9:00PM.

Taraweeh is an evening prayer performed during Ramadhan in addition to the nightly Isha'a prayer which is one of the five daily prayers.

Meanwhile, the Inspector General of Police J.M.Okoth Ochola (Esq) has wished all Muslims a very peaceful and blessed Holy Month of Ramadan.  

“We all know the month of Ramadan is a very important period, where Muslims traditionally come together to fast, pray and honour the values at the heart of Islam, of peace, gratitude, generosity and compassion. It is however, still unfortunate that again this year, 2021, the Holy Month of Ramadan still falls within the Coronavirus period.  And although the caseload in Uganda has reduced, Covid-19 cases have started creeping back slowly, including in new type that is more dangerous and life threatening” he noted.

He therefore urged them to follow the Ministry of Health SOPs by having self-discipline, sacrifice and empathy, for their loved ones and the vulnerable, to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and save lives of fellow Ugandans during the Islamic Holy Month. 

“I also like to applaud the leadership of the Muslim Community in Uganda, for their positive response towards the fight against COVID-19.  Once again, we urge them to embrace the Holy Month of Ramadan and adopt health and safety measures that can help protect all Muslims, their extended families and friends during this challenging period of COVID-19” IGP Ochola said.

The IGP says all Territorial Commanders have been asked to work with all Muslim leaders in their respective jurisdictions to address and respond to all concerns of crime and safety, threats and vulnerabilities against Muslims including patrolling all mosques and worship areas during the Holy Month of Ramadan.  

“We also call upon all Muslims, to contact the nearest police station, or Joint Task Force, on toll free line 0800300100, or on our telephone contacts 0713-250391, 0714-012734 and or through our Whatsapp number at the National Command Centre on 0779-999999.”