Police subjects Kasubi murder Prime Suspect to mental examination 

Posted: 2021-03-26T07:25:39Z Read: 588 times
Police subjects Kasubi murder Prime Suspect to mental examination 

Police has taken the prime suspect in the murder of three women in Kasubi to a mental examination, to ascertain whether he was of sober mind, while committing the crimes. 

The suspect is Musa Musasizi who was arrested with five others on Tuesday by a crime intelligence team assigned by the police’s intelligence director, Brig Chris Damulira in collaboration with the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence. 

Their arrest came followed footage from Closed Circuit Television cameras that captured vehicles near the spot where the women were burnt from, on three separate occasions.

According to police reports, locals found a body of a woman burnt beyond recognition on March 12 and alerted Police who immediately kicked off.  However, another woman was found burning at the same spot the next day, and later, the third victim was also found burning at the same spot causing panic among residents and area leaders.

Police tracked all the vehicles sighted at the scene and arrested occupants. However, during interrogation, Musasizi pleaded guilty to the crime. 

Although the victims were not residents of Kasubi or Nakulabye, Musasizi is a resident of Mujomba Zone VI, Nakulabye, in Lubaga Division.

He told detectives that he had earlier killed a woman and her three months old baby, bringing the number of victims to five, adding that he first had sexual intercourse with the four female victims.

Charles Twine Mansio the CID Spokesperson says that Musasizi’s revelation was the basis of subjecting him to mental examination before murder charges are slapped against him. 
Police on Thursday assigned psychiatrists who spent hours examining Musasizi’s mental state.

“We want to understand whether he is normal. We shall also understand whether he was in his normal senses at the time of committing the crimes. We don’t want to charge a person who could be having a mental problem,” Twine told the press. 

Musasizi identified the first victim was Mclean Ahereza killed on February 22, 2021. He dumped her body in Nateete and burnt it with paraffin. He said he suspected her of having an affair.

Musasizi has since taken police to all the scenes where he killed the victims and demonstrated the mode of murder. Some he strangled while others were hit with clubs on heads. The other victims have been identified as Kansiime, Elizabeth Mutesi and one Noeline whom he picked from Makerere. Musasizi said he killed Mutesi for refusing 50,000 Shillings he had given her after having sex.

The security team from CMI, CID and crime intelligence have retrieved the victim’s clothes which Musasizi had dumped in a latrine. The phones had been dumped in another latrine which was also dismantled by detectives on Thursday.