POA Granted Shs 5 Million non cash bail

Posted: 2021-01-11T10:10:03Z Read: 737 times
POA Granted Shs 5 Million non cash bail

Presidential candidate Patrick Amuriat Oboi has regained his freedom after receiving a Shs 5,000,000 non cash bail from Mpigi Chief Magistrates Court Nabaasa Ruth.

Amuriat was paraded before Court on Monday morning on charges of POA was charged with the offence of "Accepting to be Carried in a Dangerous manner" when he was driven on top of his car.

The FDC Presidential candidate was arrested by police officers led by OC Mpigi, one Twesigye Erias. He spent the night in the cells at Mpigi Central Police Station.

His lawyers Ernest Kalibbala and Golooba Mohammed told Court that Amuriat is a Presidential candidate and responsible Ugandan who deserved Bail.

Prosecution did not object, prompting the Magistrate to grant him bail. He is set to return to Court on 9th February 2021.