Uganda Airlines’ CRJ 900, best Aircraft in Africa

Posted: 2019-08-02T21:49:29Z Read: 4,442 times
Uganda Airlines’ CRJ 900, best Aircraft in Africa

The Uganda National Airline Company Limited, trading as Uganda Airlines will on Wednesday 28th August 2019 take to the sky with its maiden flight heading to Nairobi, Kenya.

The development was announced on Friday morning, during a breakfast media engagement. During the meeting, which was held at Golden Tulip Hotel in Kampala, the Uganda Airlines Director Commercial Ms Jenifer Bamuturaki said the two aircraft CRJ 900 are brand new, with the atmosphere interior, first operator in Africa of this kind.

“The aircraft has more leg room, more cabin space, bigger overhead baggage bins than the Embraer, wider galley space for better inflight service, more head space for taller persons and mood lighting-first of its kind” Ms Bamuturaki said.

The Director commercial also announced that the International Air Transport Association (IATA), approved a code; UR for Uganda Airlines. 

The CRJ900 has two classes, Business Class that has 12 seats and Economy Class with 62 seats, making a total of 74 seats on each of the aircraft.

The airline also announced that they have offices in Kampala, at Victoria University House, opposite Esso Corner on Jinja road. Other offices are at Victoria Mall in Entebbe and Entebbe International Airports. The offices will be used for ticketing and booking.

Don Mubiru the IT manager says travelers shall be given a chance to book tickets and check in online so as to avoid any inconveniences. Customers even have a chance to book using Mobile money.

The airline will fly to 7 destinations starting with Nairobi, Mogadishu, Juba and Dar es Salaam. They will later move to Mombasa, Kilimanjaro and Bujumbura.
The aircraft will fly to Nairobi and Juba twice a day, Mogadishu four times a week, Mujumbura, Mombasa and Kilimanjaro three times weekly and will go to Dar es Salaam daily.

Passengers will part with USD 278 for a return ticket to Nairobi, USD 225 for a return ticket to Juba and USD 590 for a return ticket to Mogadishu.

To Kilimanjaro, passengers will pay USD 311, Bujumbura USD 292 and Momabasa USD 325. 

Ms Bamuturaki said “Uganda Airlines promises to have more flights and convenient timings, we will ensure On-time departures, ensuring that the airline performs the trip as published. Strict avoidance of flight delays and cancellations, we shall ensure value for money and convenient booking.”