Uganda Cranes players Cautioned against alcohol, Women

Posted: 2019-07-09T07:58:34Z Read: 833 times
Uganda Cranes players Cautioned against alcohol, Women

The National Football Team, Uganda Cranes players have been cautioned against wasting their lives away with alcohol and women as tis will cost them future success.

The warning was sounded by president Yoweri Museveni who met the team and the FUFA officials at state house Entebbe last evening to welcome them back from AFCON competition in Egypt. 

The president hosted Uganda Cranes players, officials and a set of three MPs who were cheering on the team as it played. The team reached round of 16 and was eliminated by Senegal. The MPs include; Anita Amongi, Odonga Otto and Hamsom Obua. 

The group had lunch at State House before meeting with the president later in the evening. He told the players to avoid alcohol and women, adding that discipline is very crucial.

He also gifted them USD 1 million to share together with the FUFA officials. Mr. Museveni however warned the officials against attempting to take an equal share like players.

“I'm very happy that the Cranes went up to the last 16. I know we will perform better next time. I will organise 1m dollars with the government to distribute it among the players and officials. Of course, the officials will not get as much as the players” he said.

The president added that although we did not win the entire tournament, Uganda made a good effort and achieved some reasonable success. 

“I don't know how Senegal got that goal. I see our players are all fit young people. All they need is more stamina” Mr. Museveni said.