Wakiso District Installs CCTV Cameras to deal with thugs

Posted: 2019-07-05T12:47:27Z Read: 928 times
Wakiso District Installs CCTV Cameras to deal with thugs

Wakiso local government has installed security cameras at the district headquarters, following the increase in cases of break-ins at the headquarters. 

The resolution to install the cameras was passed last month by the district councilors who asked that the exercise be done both inside and outside the administration block and in other offices. 

Mark Jude Bukenya, the Deputy Chief Administrative officer says that the installation of cameras will help to increase security of the district staff and property, especially at night. 

According to the Wakiso District Planner Paddy Galabuzi, more than fifty cameras will be installed at the headquarters and they spent 5 million shillings to purchase them.    

In February this year, suspected thugs broke into the district headquarters and stole property and documents from the water department after gaining entrance to the offices through the ceiling. Among property stolen were computers, a scanner and other documents. 

This was the second time in a space of two months thugs had broken into the water offices. 

During the first break-in, a desktop computer belonging to the District Water Officer was stolen.