UPDF changes mind on retiring Gen. Sejusa

Posted: 2019-06-06T09:18:12Z Read: 1,448 times
UPDF changes mind on retiring Gen. Sejusa

Uganda Defence forces administration has changed its mind about retiring Gen David Sejusa Tinyefuza, the former Coordinator of Intelligence Agencies 
Gen. Sejusa has been removed from the list of 17 army generals who had been approved for retirement last year. The remaining lot will be discharged from military service next month.

Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) administration in October last year said Gen Sejusa was on the list of the officers to retire. However, the army spokesperson, Brig Richard Karemire now says there has been a change of plan to have him retired.

He told the media that UPDF is a very flexible institution which believes in change as a factor of life. Adding that the army will decide when Gen Sejusa shall be honorably retired by the institution of the UPDF.

Currently, UPDF is conducting a pre-retirement training for over 1,400 soldiers including 17 generals who are supposed to be retired in the next financial year that starts next month.

The troubled General who was arrested and imprisoned at Luzira in 2016 and later released has on several occasions applied for retirement since 1996 but the army has turned down his pleas to leave the military where he has served for 37 years.