The Power of Social Media Is So Much More Than Just socializing…Here’s why

Posted: 2015-10-06T14:58:07Z Read: 2,773 times

The growth of social media usage is almost rivaling the rate at which HIV AIDS spreads since they both catch up with us as long as we are in the sexual network for AIDS and social network for Social media usage. From High Sch to tertiary institutions to local business men to cooperate and lately even the stingy are hooked to social media in one way or the other, let’s say all walks of life are involved somehow.  Imagine the power to reach out to millions just by clicking the post button. The conscious and visionary minded social media users are using it to better their business, opinions and to mobilization.  Below is how far social media has taken over an average human daily life

Social Media Marketing

A lot of companies have handled their clients complains, orders and meetings through social media. On face book, there are groups, pages, events and promoted posts that one can put to best use, just like that you end up marketing or notifying your targeted audience. Every time somebody likes a post or comments for a particular page or group the more posts from that page or group keep appearing in your timeline, making it easy to inform target customers for any product or event. What’s up has eased the communication between locals due to its usability and Instagram has helped many fashion designers to promote their clothing lines.

Telecom Companies Stand Point         

Now that social media has become sot of a must for an average person. Telecom companies have successfully broken through the market with an ever increasing number of registered SIM Card users depending on which company wins your loyalty. Telecom companies have price bundles, social media bundles and many more tariffs that are all targeting social media users. Almost every phone on promotion comes with an internet package of say free Facebook, WhatsApp , Instagram and twitter for 3 months, Modems are on promotion with an offer of 1GB free internet for a month from the time you buy the modem. The cheaper the internet the more social media usage and the more the network and clients for a Telecom company, you get the internet at a fair price and the company wins your loyalty, win (win) for all.


Social media being a platform that was literally meant for the voiceless to put out their thoughts today is so more than used for that purpose. People have facebook groups that they use as forums to air out any pressing matters. The use of hush tag mostly on twitter is also mind blowing especially when it’s used for the right reason. A hush tag can send a shock wave of impact to the targeted audience in just a short time. Others use social media for political reasons like campaigns, roasting the gov’t, to ask back what has been taken from the public at a time of need.

Your social media activity with help of data mining can be used to predict and understand more than half of your behavior.