Eddy Kenzo’s Sitya Loss, Is A classic For These 3 Reasons

Posted: 2015-10-06T14:43:30Z Read: 6,196 times

For an album or a song to be considered a classic it should have really remarkable and game changing driving force over a period of time. The album or song should be unique in the production in that the beats are totally new or never seen before depending on the genre of music. Then the concept or idea behind the album or song should influence the fans and even set a trend for the rest of artists in that particular trend. It should also be able to cut across other genres to the extent of say a reggae fan starting to like Hip-Hop because of a particular song or album. Sitya Loss makes it to the A- list of classics Uganda has for these reasons

Time Of release

Sitya Loss was released at a time when Nigerian and South African music style had taken over the East African Tv’s and Radios. It reached a point concerned fans couldn’t help but complain the dominance of Nigerian music first on MTV Base and second on local media. Many singers did a couple of songs with Nigerian style printed all over but none of the songs made it big not until Eddy Kenzo dropped Sitya loss. Sitya loss got so big and moved mountains, breaking every chain of hindrance that came its way. Even Nigerians had to salute to the new Afro Pop hit maker, Eddy Kenzo.

Impact on the Industry

The video of Sitya loss went viral across the globe, something that seemed impossible in these modern times of stiff competition. The First BET Award in Uganda and East Africa was won because of Sitya loss. The video was a game changer for the industry, today every Artist is trying their best to meet International standards by either shooting a dope video or using multi-lingual approach in their lyrics in order to appeal to an international target. Swahili is one of those commonly used languages together with an artist’s native language. Most established artists have already featured Eddy Kenzo, something that was like a dreamer before Sitya Loss era!

Impact on the Fans

The fans base of Eddy Kenzo is a growing one, for the record Uganda used to be known for the late president Iddi Amin for his dictatorship regim, Kony for crimes against Humanity, late Lutaya for his brave public fight against stigma among Aids patients plus admitting he was HIV positive publically, pastor Sempa for his stand against Homosexually and now Uganda is known to others because of Sitya loss. Other veterans are undeniably there as well like Jose Chameleone, Klear Kut, Bebe Cool and Afrigo band just to name a few, but nobody else has made a critically acclaimed song   with so much success within a period of one year alone in modern times! That’s why sitya loss is a classic.