Given Great Video Producers, Here’s Why Some Music Videos Still Hit below Standard

Posted: 2015-10-05T18:13:35Z Read: 6,041 times

Here in Uganda If you need a presentable music video for a hit song, Frank Jah, Deddac, Jim Resley, Shasha Vybz , Great Pest and Breezy Beats are some of the best cats you can work with. They all have shot dope and wack videos depending on how good or bad the day is, but all the same they all do their best at the end of the day.  Their best works have come with a great pay as well that’s why some videos are good when it comes to a particular artist and the reverse is true.  Well here are some of the reasons some videos have always hit below standard while in the hands of same producers or individual unknown producers.

Artists’ Low Budget

Just like music production the quality of the audio is determined by the price and skill of the producer. Some videos have come out not to the standard not because the producer is shady, rather due to the low budget of an artist. Reason some videos are high quality and others the exact opposite yet they have been shot and produced by the same crew.

Limited Camera Angles

Dance hall hits usually fall victim to limited camera angles. Most videos come with only the front camera dominating all the scenes, making the video not that of a big deal to the fans since the idea is not sending shock waves of the video striking as a remarkable kind, the aerial view is usually left out, just as much as the ground view and side view angles combined. Exploitation of camera angles gives the video dynamism that’s appealing to the fans.

Poor Choreography

I must say established artists have tried to portray reasonable choreography in there videos but still once in a while go astray. Most videos don’t match the lyrical content, matter of fact some artists sing about summer time and the video is shot here where we have only dry and wet season, at least have the guts to shoot the video in the States Summer season just to back up the song’s meaning. The poor choreography has been largely due to lack of auditions. Artists just put who ever the f—k they want as long as the person tags along with them, forgetting the impact of having junk in the video.

Lack of Originality

‘Monkey see monkey do’ has eaten up most of the video directors. For the record every time a video drops fans instead of enjoying, get caught up comparing a video to say some American artist who has shot a video with a similar script or concept. Once fans see a copied concept in the video, be assured you are either losing the honor as a video director or respect from the fans as an artist. Originality always stands out. Sitya loss video took the whole world by storm because it’s original and raw not that we are so Eddy kenzo in a way but you just have to check on the statistics on YouTube because numbers don’t lie.

Monotonous Stunts

Like I said before dynamism commands change and progress to professional in any field, there these videos shot with the same concept for different songs in a row. Just because it’s a dance hall song doesn’t mean you make all the songs predominantly booty shaking, rather twerking, I mean it’s pretty obvious the lyrics are not all saying booty shake. I beg your pardon; you can do better than booty shake for the next records you will be dropping.