Common Mistakes Celebs Make During Exclusive Interviews

Posted: 2015-10-03T18:37:03Z Read: 2,208 times

An exclusive interview means everything and changes everything for a celeb, how you conduct yourself during an interview can either break you or complete you. Well, here are some of the common mistakes celebs make during an interview and because of that we’ve seen celebs act sloppy!

Luck of Confidence

If you’re not serious, expect fans to take you less serious as well because they so much want to see you confident. Quite often celebs do the exact opposite, I mean on many occasions a celeb is asked how they have been doing and all they say is “aaah – you know just doing mmmh, trying hard” to a huge fan that’s not good that’s lame, you got to be bold and full of energy all the way and just like that, fans will feel your vibe well all through.

Absent Minded

Ridiculous acts like not being able to answer questions asked, begging the pardon of the interviewer all the way sucks and it’s a turn off for a fun that’s just picking interest in you. You must be sober and articulate with your answers, that way the audience will definitely catch your vibe.

Improper Eye Contact with the Camera

First things first, eye contact with either the interviewer or the camera is enough to keep that fan seated and ready to hear more from you. Most of our dear celebs just seat right there ignoring eye contact and keeping the shades on is not cool either, Audience at times need to see your sorry face tell them what’s up not the goddamn shades that only makes you feel cool not knowing the intended audience need to see how serious you look when say premiering a project for the first time on TV. Sometimes small things mean a lot.

Big Egos

Who tells you every one is interested in your swelling over a victory lap that could even be a decade old especially when you bring it in unnecessarily for the most part. It’s okay to have a blast on TV or radio but don’t get too comfortable in your own skin, if you’re crazy please keep it within you, don’t project it to dear fans. Best way is to be low-key or down to earth when addressing fans.