Peter Okoye Of P Square On Why He Broke Up With Girlfriend

Posted: 2015-10-02T20:51:29Z Read: 5,768 times

Peter has a thing for cars. In a recent video interview with TV presenter/ compere Yvonne Vixen Ekwere, he talks about buying his Bentley from Atlanta, how he was influenced into buying it by Akon and all.

“I went to Akon’s house and he showed me his garage. Every car is all white. Akon has 17 white cars and he changes them every year. Like he buys this one this and he swaps it with another the next year.

“The only car that moves me is a [Bentley] GT … So he hooked me up with his guys at Bentley in Atlanta [and I got mine],” he said.

Peter said he likes to start up things, more like set trends. He credits his wife for believing in him.

“She’d say Peter just started this thing. Peter will succeed. She’d say leave him… even if it’s not now he’ll succeed,” he said.

He also explained his jealous nature saying he broke up with his girlfriend back in Jos because she was hanging with a friend of his who knew how to play the guitar, an act that prompted his learning to play the music instrument himself.

He however refused to say anything about her identity.

On the investment side of things other than music the brothers are into real estate and a few other involvements.

Peter said of himself and twin brother, Paul: “Apart from music we do real estate. Paul has his iwn company and I have mine.

“[But music] is the only business that is publicized. I also have a football academy,” he said.

The singer said his academy has produced three players who currently play abroad.

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