Justin Bieber Reportedly Drinks Alcohol, Smokes Weed On Stage!

Posted: 2015-10-02T15:43:51Z Read: 3,443 times

Justin Bieber was seen smoking weed during his performance in New Zealand on October 2… and to be honest, it was the same weed that got him arrested for DUI in Miami on January 24, 2014. He was also tested positive for marijuana.

The 'What Do You Mean' singer didn’t end there. He was gulped down a bottle of Hennessey on stage as he performed alongside fellow musician, Rae Sremmurd.

Maybe the liquor isn't so frightening but the weed is. Justin claims he's just an occasional drinker and insists it's never been excessive. But marijuana is a different story.

Before he was finally arrested and jailed last year, the Biebs was living in a constant haze during his low point, thanks to the pot.

According to TMZ, Bieber regrets his New Zealand act and claims he did it on a dare. However, the site reports there were pretty clear warning signs at the venue, yet he still did what he did.

Now, the big question is: Is Justin Bieber falling off the wagon … again?